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15/09/2020 - 1/2 Day Ethics Webinar


All activities that are funded by the European Union, are subject to the strictest ethical standards.
All proposals that the Commission wishes to fund have to undergo an Ethical Appraisal or even Review.
The problem is that most proposals are written by researchers that are unaware of the full Ethical issues with their research and they do not complete the Ethical parts of the proposal adequately. This leads to extremely strict Ethical restrictions and documentation that the Project has to deal with.

This Helpdesk Webinar focuses on the Horizon 2020 and new Horizon Europe Ethical Rules and Regulations.

Workshop topics include:

Ethics in the Framework Program
· Ethical Principles
· Ethical H2020 Topics
· Areas Excluded from Funding
· Terminology

Ethics Topics / sectors
· Ethical Regulations
· Sectorial Issues
· Humans; Animals; Environmental; Data Protection;
Informed Consent; Duel Use; Gender Issues; Third Countries; Misuse of research results; Refugees, asylum seekers & migrants etc.

Proposal Writing Ethics Process
· Ethics monitoring
· Ethical Manager
· Ethics Task vs Ethics Workpackage
· Funding
· Online Form Self Assesment Ethics Table
· Part B Section 5
· Additional information for Clinical Trials

Proposal Evaluations Ethics Process
· Ethical Screening Report / requirements
· Ethical Review / requirements
· Additional information
· Grant Agreement Preparations
· Ethical inclusions in DoA

Running Project Ethics Monitoring
· Kick off meeting
· Ethical Project Instructions
· Ethics committee
· Regulatory approval
· Ethical Reporting
· Project Reviews

Ethical Reviews


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