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16/11/2011 - Webinar Training Available - Eligible and Ineligible Costs

Module 6 - Eligible and Ineligible Costs


Date: 23 November 2011

Time: 10:30 – 12:00 CET

Cost: Free - (Testing Group)


This module gives an overview of what is allowed and what is not allowed to be charged to FP7 projects.

The FP7 Regulations give a non excusive list for both costs. However, many costs that beneficiaries come across have some subjectivity to them.

Participants will gain a better understanding so that they can apply a logical thinking to their subjective costs and thus be less likely to make errors of judgement.

This module is interactive.


There are only a few places available - 1st come 1st serve.


To Register please click here.

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