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20/05/2011 - SME Owners / Natural Persons / Marie Curie Rates Calculator available now.

Following the recent FP7 simplification measures published in January, the Commission introduced a flat rate system for owners of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and natural persons who do not receive a salary but would like to charge their working time to projects.

Hourly personnel rates for SME owners and natural persons are now based on a flat rate system which operates according to the same calculation system and the rates used for the People Programme (Marie Curie) in FP7. The formula to be used takes into account the year of publication of the call a project is funded under, the level of experience of the individual and the country of residence.

The Commission has produced an interim calculation tool which will help beneficiaries to calculate their rates until the Commission integrate the formulas to be used in existing reporting tools within the Participant Portal.

If you wish to download the Calculator, please click here.

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