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01/03/2011 - 3 Day in-depth FP7 Financial Workshop in London-Heathrow, UK

The Finance Helpdesk is holding a 3 Day In-depth Workshop in London-Heathrow, UK.

It takes approx. 40 minutes to get to the centre of London from the workshop venue.



Many organisations do not fully understand the FP7 Financial Guidelines implications and how they affect their costs being claimed correctly until it is too late.



The Finance Helpdesk provides in-depth training that teaches workshop participants the FP7 Financial Regulations and how best to tackle them.


Workshop Date:

1-3 March 2011


Workshop Venue:

The Holiday Inn London Heathrow Airport Hotel, London-Heathrow, UK.


Target Audience:

The workshop is targeted at Accountants, Auditors, Financial Personnel and experienced Project Managers.


Workshop Aim:

To ensure the attendees have all the tools required to interpret and implement the rules of FP7. This is key in enabling them to understand and implement their own, or their clients’ financial responsibilities and options in applying for and undertaking an EU RTD project.


The Workshops will include specially prepared materials including: presentations, exercises and workbooks with illustrated examples. These workshops will be conducted by experienced qualified accountants and Project Managers.


The Finance Helpdesk Workshop will be implemented through:

·          Explaining and interpreting current written published material,

·          Case Studies and examples,

·          Discussion of problems and situations from the participants,

·          Consultants’ extensive experience in the EU Framework Programs.


Workshop topics include:

·          Funding Schemes

·      FP7 financial regulations.

·      FP7 Participation, Subcontractors, Third Parties

·          Risk-sharing Finance Facility, Guarantee Mechanism

·          Funding Regimes, Lump Sums, Flat Rates

·          Funding Rates, Activities

·          Personnel Costs, Average Personnel costs, Employment issues, Students

·         URF, EPSS, NEF Facility, FORCE.

·          Receipts

·          Eligible & Ineligible costs

·          Going from 60% to Full Costs

·          Overheads, Possible Methods, Direct Costs Vs Indirect Costs,

·          Financial Planning, Financial Spreadsheet

·          Bookkeeping, Accounting Records, Timesheets, Cost Recording

·          Financial Reporting, Timing and approval of financial reports

·          Certificate on Financial Statement

·          EU Audits / Liquidated Damages

·          Consortium Agreement financial Issues

·          The Role of the Coordinator

·       Financial secrets


Workshop fee:

1,395€ with 100€ discount for INPACT members http://www.inpactint.com 



Download the registration form, fill-in and fax to +972 8 9327362 or email to:



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