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05/12/2007 - SME Measures (CRAFT) changes in FP7

There have been some major rule changes between FP6 and FP7. As an example, in FP7 RTD Performers like Universities and Research organisations can be the Coordinators of "Research for the benefit of SME" projects.


In order to answer requests, the Finance Helpdesk will be holding an open 1 Day FP7 SME Measures (CRAFT) Workshop on 15 Feb 2008, in Brussels, Belgium.


The Workshop is aimed at people from organisations who are interested in taking part in SME Measures (CRAFT) project proposals. The Workshop will specifically cover the financial rules and regulations related to this type of project and specifically the derogations from other types of Framework Program research proposals.


The workshop shortcuts the learning curve for participating in a project proposal with a higher chance of success.


For more information, please click here.

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