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05/11/2007 - 1 Day SME Measures Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

The Finance Helpdesk together with EFPConsulting Ltd. will be holding an open 1 Day FP7 SME Measures Workshop on 05 Nov 2007, in Brussels, Belgium.


The workshop is aimed at people from organisations who are interested in taking part in an SME/SME-AG FP7 project proposal. The workshop shortcuts the learning curve for participating in a project proposal with a higher chance of success and cover such areas as: background reading and considerations before you begin; IPR issues; budgetary and other financial considerations.


The Workshop will cover:


·                      Overview of Call Activities in “SME Measures” Workprogram

·                      SME and SME-AG funding schemes

·                      Types of participants (SMEs, SME-associations,  RTD performers, Others)

·                      Submission process

·                      A Forms

·                      Filling in Part B template

·                      Overview of  proposal sections

·                      Evaluation Criteria

·                      Budget Preparation (Spreadsheet exercise)

·                      IPR Issues (Access rights v Cost investment for participants)

·                      Financials (funding regimes, overheads, activities, funding levels, cost statements)

·                      Consortium Agreement

·                      Ethical Issues


Places are limited and will be allocated on a first register – first serve basis.

Cost to attend is 595€ and includes Workshop handouts, coffee and lunch.


To register, please download the registration form and send completed form by Email here, or fax to: +972 89327362

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